Full control, Enhanced technology, uncompromising quality at your service

Full Control

Raw material and consumables are purchased only from approved qualified suppliers. All incoming plates are inspected visually, dimensionally and checked with portable spectrometers (PMI) in order to fulfil the requirements of International standards, specifications and internal procedures.

When requested, before starting to work the raw material, further tests and verifications may be performed, including ultrasonic, hardness and dye penetrant tests. We also carry out random chemical analysis tests.

Enhanced Technology

By harnessing the latest technology we are able to facilitate the forming of heavy wall products to a high performance finish, ready for welding.


All welding procedures are in accordance with international requirements and approved by: Lloyd’s Register; TÜV; Bureau Veritas, DNV-GL, Rina.


The calibration plant works the pipe to the dimensions and tolerances as required by the specification.


Post weld heat treatment

Rivit’s heat treatment department has both induction and batch type furnaces which are calibrated in accordance with ASTM A 991 and API 5L for annealing and stabilising of all materials.

High Pressure

We test with hydrostatic machines, the latest of which has a capacity greater than 600 bar on pipe of 12.000 mm. long.

Pickling and Passivation

At the end of the production cycle all pipes are pickled, passivated and dried, fully in accordance with environmental regulations.

Quality System

During the production cycle, all the material is constantly monitored and checked by qualified personnel using the most recent technological instrumentation, calibrated as required by the main international standards.From our formative years, Rivit regarded the quality of its products of prime importance and has continued to improve the quality system in line with the relevant standard. The production system has been certified by an international recognaized body.Quality Assurance System is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 since 1993, and in order to satisfy environmental issues, Rivit has been certified in accordance with ISO 14001 since 2006.


Testings required from the specified national and international standards are completed in the approved ISO 17025 internal Rivit laboratory.


Authorised and certified external/independent Laboratories may be used when special tests are required, or when  specified by the client.

Final Check and Release

Before shipping or final inspection, every item is thoroughly checked by our own QA staff against the order requirements to ensure that all tests have been completed and passed before final release.

Packing and Shipping

The wide site of over 80.000 m² allows easy and organised movement of product through out each cycle and finally to despatch. The different types of packaging offered, and the attention paid in scheduling loading, help us to satisfy our clients and their forwarders quickly and efficiently.

Main Standards

ASTM A 312 – ASTM A 358 Cl 1/2/3/4/5 – ASTM A 790 – ASTM A 928 Cl 1/2/3/4/5 – ASTM B 775 – ASTM B 363 – ASTM B 705 – ASTM B 862 – EN 10217-7 TC 1/2 – EN 10296-2 …


Austenitic stainless steel

TP 304/L; TP 304H; TP 309/S; TP 310/S; TP 321/H; TP 347/H; TP 316/L; TP 316Ti; TP 317L; UNS S30815

Super austenitic stainless steel
UNS N08904; UNS N08367; UNS N08926; UNS S31254; UNS S32654; UNS S34565;

Duplex stainless steel
UNS S31803; UNS S32101; UNS S32205; UNS S32550; UNS S32750; UNS S32760

Nickel alloys
UNS N02200; UNS N02201; UNS N04400; UNS N06007; UNS N06022; UNS N06059; UNS N06455; UNS N06600; UNS N06601; UNS N06617; UNS N06625; UNS N06985; UNS N07718; UNS N08020; UNS N08028; UNS N08031; UNS N08800; UNS N08810; UNS N08811; UNS N08825; UNS N10276; UNS N10665; UNS N10675

Gr. 1; Gr. 2; Gr. 3; Gr. 5; Gr. 7; Gr. 11; Gr. 12


Copper alloys
UNS C70600; UNS C71500



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